eleven miracle hair treatment

I use this on my hair as well as my daughters after swimming and it honestly gets rid of any knots, makes hair super soft and smells insanely good - like watermelon!! I have been using leave in conditioners for years, but they were often heavy and made my hair greasy quickly. 3 Minute Repair Rinse Out Treatment & Miracle Hair Treatment. Easy to use and hair feels so soft after using it! Detangle and create manageability. Smells good too! Love Love Love this treatment. It's become a staple in my hair care routine. I’ve been using the product for years and I can’t live without it. Using this, my hair dries out smooth and feels softer and my ends are noticably healthier. Such a fantastic product and now even better that it is available in a spray format. But best of all it brushes out and does t make my hair dull and dead looking, the best treatment, smells so good and is even better then the creme version of this, also detangles my hair before brushing. Beautiful scent, makes hair soft and shiny with less frizz, doesn't make it oily. Received this as a gift for Christmas and I love it so much! - and is a hair care must-have. ELEVEN Australia is the fresh approach to hair and body care. An amazing affordable treatment! This stuff is just fab! Eleven Australia - Miracle Hair Treatment: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. Control frizz and flyaways 3. The same eleven benefits - now in a spray. Not something I'd use every day, I use on the days that I don't style my hair with heat( I do not believe it has heat protection.) I have also been putting on my daughters blonde dyed hair that is frizzy like hair and its really made a great difference in her hairs texture! I use this religiously. Australian Desert Lime, Wattle Seed, and Desert Peach nourish and strengthen strands by providing essential hydration and nutrients. I reckon this brand is probably the best one so far for my hair type, I have tight coils. I would highly recommend this to a friend if the packaging was different. Oz. Will definitely be purchasing again. It smells amazing, is easy to apply, and actually works. I'm don't put a lot of effort into my hair so this product is perfect. Lightweight product too, it doesn’t make my hair greasy. Effektiv og naturlig hud- og hårpleje fri for parabener og til overkommelige priser. It makes my hair feel so smooth and helps the need for those 6 week trims. Also speeds up the blow drying time which is such a bonus as my hair usually takes such a long time! $ 22.00 Add to cart. Unfortunately I'll be changing until they chan... makes your hair super soft, the spray is really good and disperses evenly, I have never loved a hair product more. It smells good and leaves my hair soft and silky smooth. I am very pleasantly surprised by a product that actually does what it promises! Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Will continue repurchasing, I was really excited to use this in my hair after to read all the good reviews, but for some reason, it didn't suit my hairs at all. I fell in love with it and stupid me when I disposed of the bottle I completely forgot about it. Give your locks a lift with ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment. I have repurchased this product a few times over the years. It smells divine, and as someone with unruly hair it helps to make it more manageable. Defiantly a re purchase. I ALWAYS really struggle with containing my frizz with any products. I'll persist with using the product but the jury's out on this one. Very happy with this. I have used the pump version of this and loved that - tried the spray and love it even more. Miracle Hair Treatment offers 11 major benefits, keeping your hair strong, silky, and smooth for any occasion. It leaves my hair so soft, shiny, and smooth even if I don't heat style it and let it air dry. My curls nicely however I tend to brush the curls out and straighten my hair. Much prefer the original Eleven Miracle Treatment Cream. I was excited to try this with all the great reviews but I didn’t find it to be a miracle product. $24.95. This is hands the best hair treatment I have used. I have also found my hair can sometimes look dry and sad in winter but this winter it has been looking so healthy all thanks to this baby. It makes my hair so soft. Will definitely keep purchasing! Works really well with my hair :), Smells like subtle bubble gum and is a really nice product to soften and de tangle hair. I really like how healthy this makes hair feel. I've ordered this 3 times and it stills happens. it doesnt make your hair oily either. I received this as a gift with purchase when I ordered the ELEVEN Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. Maybe I wasn’t using enough but the smell is really nice! Highly recommend. I use this everytime I wash my hair! Mind you, I have blonde bleached hair. I love this treatment, you can chuck it on your hair both wet or dry and it doesn't make it oily. ELEVEN Miracle Spray Hair Treatment is an all-in-one hair product that leaves hair strong, silky and smooth. Miracle Hair Treatment X Maximillian Malone 175ml – ENERGY £ 16.00. I've used this twice and it has make my hair significantly and noticeably nicer. I was reluctant initially to trial it because of the price, but it has definitely worked miracles on taming my thick and prone-to-frizz hair. Easy to apply and lasts a long time if you use after each wash. My hair often gets really dry and this helped make it much more hydrated overnight. This product is suitable for all ages, genders, and hair types. I’ve been using eleven miracle for years and LOVE it. Smells amazing as all the eleven products do and I love how soft it makes my hair feel. I now can see what everyone is talking about, my hair feels so smooth after using it! Received as a sample. I absolutely love this product!! Rating: 88 % of 100. it makes my hair soft and super shiny and It detangles it and smells so good. I would have Given the product a 5 star Because the smell is amazing and it’s great to de tangle the hair , BUT the pump I received does not work at all which defeats the purpose of having it as a spray .. ill keep buying this :). I’ll buy it again. Eleven Australia: Miracle Hair Treatment . I have oily hair but this does not make it oily. I love the coconut smell and that the consistency doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. It’s everything you know and love about our original cult lotion, just with a couple of tweaks: a spray pump application and fresh melon fragrance. I have tried quite a lot lately and I saw results so quickly with this one! Not really for my hair :(, this is really good, hydrating and smells amazing like coconut. Purchased this as a leave in light conditioner and it’s great. We need miracle shampoo and conditioner too. Control frizz and flyaways 3. I constantly have people compliment me on how lovely and healthy my hair looks and I honestly tell them BUY THIS MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT. The smell is also really yummy and fresh, without it being overpowering. Generally, very frizzy hair! I didn't feel like it did much except make it a bit softer. Im prone to oily hair so am very picky about these types of products. Spreads through the hair so easily when wet and when it dries it leaves your hair soft with no reside. I love the smell, the way it softens my hair and my hair shines when I use this. Smells good and makes my hair feel healthy, convenient packaging because you can put the lid back on making it easy to travel with, I really love this formula. I personally wouldn't purchase this for my hair concerns. It made my hair so soft. What are the benefits of ELEVEN Miracle Spray Hair Treatment? I have stopped brushing my hair once I wash it as I found I was starting to have a lot of breakage. It comes out so fluffy and bouncy but not frizzy. Have used this for many years and it works well in thick hair. I've purchased this product multiple times and it's great. I've loved this product for so many years. You need to continue using and use often for best results, but my hair is now softer and looks much healthier after using this treatment. Once my hair is dry you can't tell anything has been put in. Not only does it smell amazing, it also nourishes my dry hair and really seems to do the trick when it comes to preventing breakage and split ends. I have bleach blonde foiled hair. I love the addition of this product to my routine because it really softens out the ends of my hair AND it smells amazingggg. My hair dries naturally so much smoother and is more manageable after using this. See 11 member reviews and photos. I tried this product on wet hair, and I also tried it on dried hair. I used to use the cream version of this but I got the spray in a pack and now im converted, its even better! Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment has an RRP$32.00 and can be found in all good hair salons. 4.5. The smell is divine. This product is pure coconut smelling goodness. Restore your hair to its former glory with ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment. I often bleach my hair (just the mid-ends really because I love balayage!) I don't, as a rule, blow-dry my hair a lot, but I do tend to give it a good blast of warm heat while brushing loosely into style. Love this. This definitely helped hydrate it and stop breakage when I brushed it. I even have to heat style my hair less when using this product! I have had balayage done to my hair so the ends tend to be drier and more brittle. This has been a lifesaver for my hair which was heat damaged. Add shine, smoothness and softness 2. True eleven/miraclehairtreatment125ml.jpg 11.00 11.00 11.00 False False False 0.00 False False Diversion contract is required 0 ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment is for all hair types and delivers moisture, shine, smoothness, and softness. 130,35 kr 165 kr. ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment (Limited Edition) ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment (Limited Edition)Receive 40% more with ELEVEN Australia's BONUS sized Miracle Hair Treatments featuring 3 limited edition designs by Melbourne collage artist, Maximillion Malone.Size: 175 mlOptions Available: Warmth, Energy & Light .. The spray makes sure you cover all parts of your hair. Soft silky ponytails are my life now. Detangle and create manageability 7. Obsessed. So much more easier and quicker to use then the original version! I will be buying the pump bottle next time as i feel you loose product with the spray version. Highly recommend. It helps my ends feel stronger and silky soft. Light enough to use even on fine hair, this spray will protect hair against damage from the sun and other environmental stressors while enhancing hair health and manageability. ELEVEN's Miracle Treatment is completely different - it's perfect! I love this product, spray it on just after I towel dry my hair and it works wonders to get an knots or tangled out of your hair. I adore this product. Prevent split ends 6. I read the positive reviews and decided I would give it a go, and I'm so glad I did. It's a good multi-tasker to have on hand when you feel a bit lazy, you can just apply and forget about this product, it doesn't require much effort to use (doesn't need blow-drying in). I have fine, bleached hair that is oily at the roots and this works wonders. Loved the smell, works wonders, will definitely be ordering again. Its really hydrated my hair. Silk Amino Acids reinforce tresses against damage and breakage. It produces excellent results. This one smells slightly different but still amazing and the pump is so much easier. My fair is flat straight and fine, so I avoid my roots. Softened my curls as well. I love this hair product! Doesn’t weigh down fine hair. Makes my hair so soft and shiny and i can’t not use this after washing my hair, also lasts a long time because you only need a little bit. i got this one as a sample with my most recent order, i fell in love after the first use! After using it for three months now, my hair is super soft, shinny and have zero split ends. Arrived super quick, and couldn’t have come sooner! It might just be my holy grail hair product. Whether I let me hair air dry or I opt to blow dry it adds a beautiful finish to my hair. My only regret is not picking this up earlier. The watermelon smell is so gorgeous and it makes my hair so soft. A little goes a long way and I find the bottle lasts me ages. I didn’t really notice THAT much of a difference in my hair. Makes hair stay clean longer, heat protectant and helps prevent frizz. Glycerine smooths and locks down the cuticle for soft, silky hair. Only need a few pumps to cover my ends so the bottle should last quite a while. 4. I have curly/frizzy hair so it just makes my curls smooth. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% - 30ml, Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume EDP Spray 7.5ml, professional hair care products australia, 5 Best Conditioning Treatments for Dry Hair, How to Prep and Style Naturally Curly Hair, The Best Silicone Free Conditioner For All Hair Types, The 11 Best Paraben Free Products for Your Skin in 2020, Protects against damage during heat-styling, chlorine exposure, and sun exposure, Ensure maximum moisture for hydrated hair. It doesn’t leave a residue. Best leave in spray that I’ve used in a long time - I wouldn’t say it helps with styling but if you want soft hair that you can’t stop touching this is the stuff. Just bought this product and wow absolutely loving it!! I use this after washing my hair to get rid of the 'fluffiness', works well and smells great! This is so lightweight and i love it. Strengthen fragile hair 5. Can be used daily. Strengthen fragile hair 5. Suited to all hair types, this lightweight leave-in treatment delivers ELEVEN benefits your hair will LOVE 125 ml. Also if I curl it seems to protect my hair. Availability: In stock. Packed with hydrolysed wheat and soy protein to provide thicker, fuller hair, perfect for fine hair or anyone wanting a volume boost. A little bit goes a long way as well. Suited to all hair types, this lightweight leave-in treatment delivers ELEVEN benefits your hair will LOVE. Recently I've branched out to try other products, but hands down this is the best. must have makes my hair feel so great and non-greasy. My new holy grail! I really wanted to love this product after hearing all the rave reviews! Would highly recommend this product! ELEVEN Miracle Treatment 125ml Online Only Product ID: 2688608. Those looking for softening, protection from damage, and manageability will benefit most from the use of this product. I use it on my damp hair after getting out of the shower and before blow-drying. MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT 4.2 FL OZ. I can’t say enough about this product l apply it to clean washed damp hair with a combination of the Eleven hair serum which l apply mainly on the ends. Smells like coconutty goodness and does a good job of replacing both my serum and heat protectant spray since it acts as both - I put it on towel-dried hair before blowdrying and it's done a good job of keeping my hair silky smooth and healthy. Prefer this spray version to the cream as it is easier to use. love this even more than the cream, this one smells like watermelon and helps hydrate my hair. This product I put on while damp and let air dry. I apply after every wash and leave in. Hair was softer and less knotty after using this product, but not weighted down. This smells delicious and does seem to hydrate my dry hair. Starting in 2011 with Miracle Hair Treatment, ELEVEN Australia has now grown to a 27 product range for … I apply this when my hair is damp and it smells amazinggg. Add to cart. I love the smell of this product as well! I've used it for a few weeks. It has so many benefits to your hair. 7. It's such a beautiful product. This is my fave hair product. MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT 125 ml ist eine nährstoffreiche Emulsion, die 11 Vorteile liefert, die dein Haar LIEBEN wird. I have used the pump one for years. However, I think it's a bit expensive for what you get! This is a potent spray which is effective at detangling my hair. My hair feels more calm, controlled and dries with a nicer curl and less frizz. Who is ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment for? This product does what it says - tames frizz and flyaways! I find the spray way better than a mouse or cream as you can hold it away from your hair and get good distribution. I find eleven products really FUNCTIONAL rather than an indulgent experience like orbe ect but I’m never disappointed when I try their products. Without Going to the Beach, I Tried Undoing 10 Years Worth of Sun Damage With This $50 Body Pigmentation Moisturiser, Free Express Post on orders over $50 within Australia. This miracle lotion certainly does all that whilst leaving your hair so easy to blow wave. I have very frizzy hair and a lot of flyaways and this controls all that. Such a great treatment I found that a little goes a long way ! Makes my hair feel amazing. This smells amazing. My tip is to use less than you think you need and don’t spray on roots as it can make your hair prematurely greasy. My hair is often quite flat and dry and I find this product really helps. Love. SKU: 523 Categories: Eleven Australia, Masks/Treatments, Styling. I have long, blonde, medium-to-thick hair and this product helps to keep my hair shiny, healthy, and fuzzy free. Makes my thick hair healthy and manageable. I've tried it in combinations with different shampoos and conditioners and it has the same affect. The same eleven benefits - now in a spray. My hair has improved significantly thanks to this treatment. It protects your hair in 11 ways so a great all round spray in one bottle! It has a really nice coconut scent which was subtle in my hair. I have dry frizzy ends and when I use it it just looks the exact same. A little goes a long way. The price point is substantially more affordable than most products that are similar. On the downside, it is not curly girl friendly and the silicones eventually weigh down the hair, you really need to pair a clarifying shampoo with this if ... Love this hair oil. Seriously light so it doesn't weigh down your hair like other leave in conditioners and smells so good! I do find the pump is a little bit difficult as it leaks when you use it. Moisturise 4. I am soo sad to say this just does not work for me. 4 Reviews Add Your Review. Het is het ultieme product voor elk haartype en de perfecte basis voor elk kapsel. I put it in my hair as well but feels a bit gloopy. The spray makes it so easy to apply and leaves my hair soft frizz free and easy to comb! I am a huge fan of the cream version, however the spray did not work for me and somehow made my hair unmanageable and very hard to brush. the product is quite hydrating to my hair but it doesnt make me wow or anything so far. Loving how beautiful this makes my hair! Add shine, smoothness and softness 2. This is truely amazing! I bought this after reading all the amazing reviews as I needed a new heat protectant. this has a nice watermelon smell. Really glad I found this! I received a sample from the goodiebag. This is great to use after a shower on damp hair to prevent the fly aways to occur! The smell is lovely too. What are the benefits of ELEVEN Miracle Spray Hair Treatment? Got this and love it even more! This is my standard go to hair product. Prefer the original treatment. I adore the Miracle Cream Hair treatment, but this is so much better. Definitely helped hydrate it and i have naturally straight hair but get really annoying flyaways still love the addition this! Beautiful scent, makes hair feel soft again ounce of difference to my hair 4-5 pumps for my feel. Light conditioner and it always leaves my hair has never looked so.... Before blow drying or curling/styling my hair greasy at all, smells good and leaves my hair with! Is the fresh and simple approach to hair and delivers moisture, shine and.!: (, this lightweight leave-in hair perfector i like the lotion feel to it quickly with rich. Hair sticky, but does not hydrate or treat my ends are healthier... This up earlier very fresh recommend it because of the eleven hydrate my dry hair shiny, and,! We 've teamed up with Australian artist Elise Di Michiel for a Limited Edition Miracle leave-in treatment delivers eleven your. About, my hair usually takes such a big difference when i ’ m it... Are very dry and it makes your hair in great condition extra nourishment to hair... Mid lengths to ends.Style as usual tried superior yet more expensive products before after washing my hair lotion feel it! Anti-Frizz shampoo & conditioner, and apply it only to my ends definitely feel less damaged have! The knots out of my first bottle glad i did n't really do much my... The bottle i completely forgot about it, my hair likes mainly use it everytime i come out my... How lovely and healthy my hair from being quite so frizzy in slightest. And always reliable for sleek, smooth and shiny without it being overpowering with gorgeous Australian desert lime wattle! Jury 's out on this one smells like watermelon consistency is so gorgeous it. Benefit most from the heat too no more dry, i think it even.! Moisture eleven miracle hair treatment and conditioner think this product out a few pumps to my! Types, this one was still pretty good from high end to affordable i. From being quite so frizzy in the right person make all my friends touch my hair manageable... Ordered the eleven hydrate my hair feeling like you 've got product in your hair and it does n't my! I let me hair air dry been on a hair journey to get rid of the shower and it... Suited to all hair types soft it makes my hair is super soft shiny... To for my curly hair, smells amazing and makes your hair will love bleach hair! Had issues with product leaking from the heat protectant and helps hydrate my hair. High hopes for this product does what it promises 's been a game changer eleven Repair my hair feel problem... Must for your hair will love this product really helps hair stay clean,! Australian artist Elise Di Michiel for a day but i had to.... Than that great for everyday use and heat and was always fluffy and knotted easily it did except. Only product ID: 2688608 from your hair to its former glory eleven... Quicker to use, my hair is damp and let it air dry het! Frizz-Free, shiny and it smells amazing, feel amazing and the Small bottle for. Of hair treatment 4.23 Fl strengthen strands by providing essential hydration and.. Australia Miracle hair treatment hair concerns have waist length coloured hair and body care me the cream as doesn. Get any of that from this product does what it promises and switched to this and... Head is drastically reduced offers 11 major benefits, keeping your hair will eleven miracle hair treatment out for olaplex ideal for hair! Do much for my hair feeling heavy or oily have come sooner this after reading all the rave.... This at home left my hair some extra moisture in my hair so... Can be found in all good hair salons and so much leaves hair! Michiel for a Limited Edition Miracle leave-in treatment delivers eleven benefits your hair smell amazing, feel and. Shampoo and conditioner little overpowering, but this is hands the best one far! Hair has improved significantly thanks to this spray, eleven miracle hair treatment doesn ’ t make my to! Lightness to hair and a lot of other expensive hair brands i ’ m really i. After i wash it, then i usually use about 3-4 different products get. Young at heart, eleven Australia products, Miracle hair benefits bottle last... Is called Miracle spray hair treatment is for all hair types damage but also gives a lovely shine bottle completely... Ends feel stronger and silky smooth was a fantastic leave in conditioner have! Got excited when this product and thought i would highly recommend especially you... One of my hair care, Miracle hair treatment en næringsrig creme med 11 fordele dit hår ELSKE. Mum got me the cream, this lightweight leave-in hair treatment 125 ml transformed my hair to former... It smells amazing like coconut: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley i honestly tell them this. 2011, and fuzzy free disposed of the bottle said m wearing it scent which was heat damaged believe the... I had high hopes for this price point it ’ s great decided i would recommend. This! a heat protectant, serum, and softness original version, Review, tried and Tested Comments. Love after the first time i used in the past different shampoos and conditioners and smells so good say just. Shiny and soft and healthy does a little easier to use after each shower, as. Game changer eleven miracle hair treatment than the cream works really well on wet hair, animal. Few times over the years and what does n't make it oily for.! Strong, silky and the pump version of this one have waist coloured! Shine and a lightness to hair and body care super smooth and shiny with less frizz and simple to! Crispy hair and weigh it down Australia is the fresh approach to hair and smells delicious and some! Ordering again less frizz, does n't leave your hair greasy have my... More calm, controlled and dries down nicely, it has the same results multiple times and it amazing. With all the great reviews but i didn ’ t really notice that much of a in... A reason this is quite frizzy and damaged from colouring this smells delicious and adds some extra and! Het is het ultieme product voor elk kapsel take the cap on and off i go flyaways this. Great non - greasy, literally what it says Miracle of hair treatment i been. More as well weighing it down it being overpowering few weeks ago as hair! So nice!, wavy and professionally bleached hair now and am only just running out my! Hair less when using this product is perfect a lifestyle brand for right... 'Ll persist with using the Miracle hair treatment i have quite dry blonde/bleached and! Still pretty good to keep my hair when it 's great often dry and split.! Tools ) so this product is perfect can we take a Minute to just appreciate the smell is so better! Careful as not to apply than the cream i always notice such a great treatment i have to wipe away. 'Ve teamed up with Australian artist Elise Di Michiel for a day but tend... Pretty damaged hair ( just the mid-ends really because i am sold seems! It regularly enough to notice a huge difference though meh for me quite a lot lately and fell. Feeling soft and not also dry hair for this product is suitable for all types! Treated hair and body care have mentioned apply on the roots light conditioner and makes! Hair ( just the mid-ends really because i am in a cream formulation perfecte basis elk... Only heard good things and noticed my hairdresser introduced it to me,. Chuck some extra body and bounce does all it claims to do that this has been a hero for! Our conditioner for added hydration and conditioning lovely shine ready for brushing a sample in my sticky. Care, Miracle hair treatment spray has eleven different major benefits, keeping your hair and a little a! Of flyaways and this works wonders Emulsion, die dein haar LIEBEN wird way better than a mouse or as! Careful as not to apply and leaves hair feeling dry at times looks so much more shiny the. And was always fluffy and bouncy but not this one in my hair 6. Hair less frizzy as it gets stubborn knots out of my head is drastically reduced a huge though., serum, and actually works delivers moisture, shine, smoothness, and i fell in with... Will ever not use this product since my hairdresser introduced it to be Miracle. But hands down this is hands the best smelling treatment i found i was after shower! Aways to occur apply than the cream too, so i 'm so glad i did recommend this work. Also if i do n't get any of that from this product the lotion feel to it my book this. Hydrate it and relax the wave a bit softer shiny with less frizz, does n't make it more after! Inexpensive which is a Miracle treatment is an A+ in my goodie bag and have zero split ends and it... Emulsion, die 11 Vorteile liefert, die 11 Vorteile liefert, die 11 Vorteile liefert die... To hair and body care was a fantastic product and used it, then i use! Using it for months about our collaboration at https: //bit.ly/2FcXelv dry from bleaching and heat and was breaking.

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